About Us

Madakasira Nagara Panchayat is Small the largest ULB in the Anantapuramu District of A.P. it is spread over an area of 30.11 Sq.Kms. with a population of 21695 (2011 census) It is known for/famous for its
It is located 467 Kms. From Capital city and 130 Kms.  From District  Headquarters. It was established as Madadakasira Nagara Panchayat in the year 2011.
There are 4 Revenue Zones/and 20 Revenue/Election wards in this Municipality.
Climate  and  Rainfall
Madakasira Town, in general, has a tropical climate, winters last from November to February, while summers last from March to June. The annual rainfall is Nil mm, most of it received during the months of Nil.
The population of the town which was 20205 in 2001 increased to 21695 in 2011 with an increase of 7.37 % in the last decade. The sex ratio is 981 female per 1000 males. The literacy rate is 71.38 %, 79.07 % of the male population and 63.53 % of the female population are literate.